zengarden is a tool that watches over the installation and building of source archives. It is a fork of installwatch that has been heavily updated with modern features. It can prevent build tools from interfering with files outside the build directory and create a virtual chroot to perform installations in or backup the files the install overwrites.


We moved to Subversion for our development. This means you can follow development by checking out our SVN trunk at any time: svn co zengarden. We hope you enjoy it and send us patches, ideas and comments.

Alternatively, you can browse it in your browser too

Blog / Changelog
There is a development blog avaiable, it's as good as a ChangeLog right now.

Feel free to write me an email, or send me patches.

* shell wrapper done, in SVN
* build root jail done, in SVN
* cleanup the all interceptor functions (setup for more functionality)
* install "chroot" jail, in progress
* RELEASE 0.6.93 -- REAL SOON NOW TM, promise i'll be out before debian sarge ;)


Please USE SVN -- it's more stable than the latest tar ball

0.6.92 - "Captin' Chocolate" - file
* autoolized - at least for the most part
* minor bug fixes
* viewcvs (not really a feature in the tarball) - thx to sofar

0.6.91 - first public version - file
* Too many changes to list, read the log


Q:I do ./configure, make all, make install and nothing happens?
A: Right now the wrapper script is still missing from the release so, it'll be in the next version -- UPDATE it's in SVN

Q:Why does this website suck so bad?
A:Well it's lynx accessible, because after all this is a command line utility. Also as you can see, my HTML skills a lacking a bit, and I've decided to focus on making zengarden better insted of working on the site. I'm still wainting for some one to contribute a flash intro for zengarden.